Communication Channels : Tools How Can They Aid Communication?

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Communication Channels Tools How can they aid communication? Advantages Disadvantages Microsoft Word You can use Microsoft word to write letters, Essay, spell check, thesaurus and dictionary. One of the most used word processor, which makes it a widely acceptable form of communication. They haven’t put Microsoft word into a small devices like phones and tablets. Microsoft PowerPoint You can use Microsoft PowerPoint to make presentations, animations, design and spell check. When using PowerPoint you can make your presentation presentable. Easy to create colourful, attractive design using templates and themes. Easy to modify compare with other visual aids like charts, easy to drag and drop slides to re order the presentation. When you present your presentation, you will need to have a computer and equipment to display the slides which will cost loads of money to get. Outlook Create emails to communicate people around the world. Outlook easy to use and organise like Calendar and task. Outlook offers more than one account. Microsoft outlook is built to run Microsoft operating system lik...

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