Communication Between Teachers And Students

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Clear and concise communication creates a strong collaboration between the teacher and student as well as the teacher and parent. Technology has advanced tremendously and can support the efforts of teachers to communicate with students and parents through many different avenues. Students and parents have the opportunity to gain access to shared class information such as weekly assignments, class notes, forum discussions, and also offers an opportunity for parents to stay connected with their child’s teacher. With the assistance of technology in forms of on line interaction, effective communication can be achieved (Gunter & Gunter, 2014, chapter 2). Instant communication with parents, students, and the global community can be achieved, through electronic mail also known as e-mail, classroom blogs, and a recorded audio or visual clip that can be accessed by a computer or a mobile device referred to as a pod cast while adhering to internet security and safety policies. In order to maintain a clear and concise line of communication that is fruitful between teachers and parents as well as their students, a technological format can be utilized. A basic part of technology allowing this communication to take place is the electronic mail or as many know it the e-mail. E-mail, one of the first avenues of contact through Internet usage, allows messages to be exchanged with teachers, parents, and students, as well as the global community (Gunter & Gunter, 2014, chapter 2). E-mail is characterized as being an easy format to utilize in communication between the intended sender and receiver due to its speed of message deliverance and ease of accessibility. It is expressed that sustaining an open line of communication in an educational environme... ... middle of paper ... communication will continue to change due to the technological advances made at a fast past every day. Instant communication with parents, students, and the global community can be achieved through e-mail, classroom blogs, and pod casts while adhering to internet security and safety policies. Educators play a crucial role in developing strategies that keep lines of communication open, which are available through technology. Creating and supporting an effective communication forum will enable the teacher to build on the foundation of a successful rapport that is essential in assisting students achieve academic success. Long gone are the days of visiting the local library to research information for the right data needed to complete an assignment. With the touch of a button individuals have the World Wide Web at the fingertips just waiting to be utilized.
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