Communication Before and After the Emergence of Social Networks

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What would the world be without Social Networks? Imagine a day without signing in to the most popular social network in the world, Facebook, with no updates from friends, nothing to “like”, no groups of common interests, no birthday reminders, no games to enjoy, nothing. Imagine a day without the Twitter, a social network known for its 140-character announcements. Tweets, retweet, following, hash tags, and trending topics would be non-existent terms. There wouldn’t be instant updates from friends or anything to ask you “What’s happening?” Imagine the world today without YouTube. There wouldn’t be a website filled with videos to upload or to watch for information, entertainment or education. Famous performers today who were discovered on YouTube such as Justin Bieber and Charice Pempengco would not be where they are now. Life would be different.

As of the year 2009, one of the most popular social networking sites, MySpace, has reached over 184.1 million users (Oliva 12). Other top social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, also have millions of users. This growing number of users indicates the impact of Social Networks. Thus, Social Networks changed the way the world communicates and calls society to adopt to the constant technological advancements of the world.

A social network is defined as “an internet-based tool that allows the reader to engage with the writer or with a community online and in public.” (Clapperton xxvi) There was a great need for social networks in the late 1980s, when the Internet was not very known. Office workers would pass around floppy disks because there was no network or internal connection between computers to pass around information. The system was difficult (Cl...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the telegraph was invented in 1832 by samuel morse. it was a new way of sending messages despite long distances.
  • Analyzes briggs, asa, and burke's a social history of the media: from gutenberg to the internet.
  • Describes lastufka, alan, and michael w. dean's guide to climbing the charts on youtube.
  • Describes yang, tatin's "a field guide to social networks." sunday inquirer magazine, 14 nov.
  • Explains that social networks changed the way the world communicates and calls society to adopt to the constant technological advancements of the future.
  • Explains that social networking sites such as sixdegrees, myspace, facebook, youtube, and twitter emerged in the years 2004-2006.
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