Communication Barriers In Communication

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Communication barriers are barriers that lead to messages being distorted and therefore risk wasting either time or money by causing confusion and misunderstandings. These are anything that interferes with the transfer of intended information from a sender to a receiver. Recognizing these barriers is the first step in improving communication style. These barrier prevent effective exchange of ideas and thoughts between individuals. Such barriers include status difference, gender differences and cultural differences among others. They can be environmental or personal barriers. Under personal barriers there other sub classes such as the attitudinal, sematic, psychological and perceptual barriers to mention a few. With the environmental barriers…show more content…
These attitudes are commonly formed by an individual’s personal opinions and feelings on a person or subject. These actually include personal conflicts between individuals. For one to overcome such a barrier she/he should change his/her attitude towards the individual. These also include perceptual as one of the barriers. By perceptual it refers to mentally filtering out information there by distorting the information received so the difference in perception and viewpoint act as barriers to communication and for an individual to overcome such a barrier he/she should try by all means to reduce the load of information received by the individual. Cultural barriers can also fall under these category. These type of barriers are sometimes associated with religious beliefs that can lead to some individuals finding it difficult to express their feelings or emotions hence topics may completely be off limits leading to anger. To avoid such barrier one has to refrain from such…show more content…
These barriers are occasionally incurred in organisation and companies. The structure of the organisation affects the capacity of the employees as far as communication is concerned. Organisation policies like communication being by certain channels like through written forms whilst some employees are not able to write so to overcome such a barrier the organisation should revise its policies so as to set up something that suits every employee. Rules and regulations in the company can also act as barriers to communication. It actually determines the subject-matter as if the employees are troubled by the definite rules, the sender will not send some of the messages. Status can also act as a barrier to communication as there is formal division especially when information is transferred from the top hierarchy to the bottom. This complexity in company structures causes delays in communication and also changes in information as it reaches the receiver. Also organisation barriers can also act as communication barriers in companies. Insufficient resources such as telephones and translators causes the transfer of information in companies meaningless. To overcome such as barrier the organisation should try by all means to provide sufficient
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