Communicating Effectively with Parents and Students

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Communicating effectively with parents and students is important in order to be successful at teaching. Studies have shown that parental involvement in a student’s education allows for greater success in the classroom (Duarte, G, Cerda-Perez, E & Rosenberg, G 2007). Technology is beneficial in communicating with students and parents. The use of technology allows for students and parents to have access to current lesson plans as well as access to the teacher after normal school hours. This opens up doorways for the student or parent to ask questions about assignments and class discussions. The uses of classroom websites, e-mails, text messaging and student web sites are just a few examples of technology that is used to communicate with parents and students.
Technology can enhance class communications by offering many different ways to reach parents and students. The use of different technologies can help teachers to answer student questions as well as continue a class discussion outside of class. This is helpful for both the student and teacher because it allows the teacher to see which students are comprehending the material they are learning.
A classroom website allows parents to see what is being taught in the classroom. Also a classroom website is useful in being able to communicate to parents what may be coming up such as fundraisers or class fieldtrips. This will allow for parents to get involved in the classroom activities. As stated before parents that are involved in their students education will have a student that is able to succeed in a school setting. Parents that view school as being important will pass the same view on to the student (Teddlie, C and Stringfield, Sam, 2007).
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.... In order to be a successful teacher one must work hard to continue to evolve with the new technologies and use it to communicate with other.

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