Common Values

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In the World we live now, individuals are born free and live their lives freely. A person who is born and growing in any country, shares common values with people in their own countries.Values are intangible and each community or society tends to have variety of values. Usually, common values are considered to be language, religion, history and culture. These values occur on the basis of society and increase proximity between citizens. There are responsibilities that each citizen should take in order to be good citizen, so people should be aware of their intelligent and conscious thinking, they should also be aware of what it means to be human being. They have ability to think and question the perceived life. According to Elgin and LeDrew(1997), “only humans have the capacity to know that know.” As they have capacities to judge and distinguish what is right and wrong, being good citizen can be easily established. However, apart form these, becoming a good person and citizen requires some responsibilities which are responsibility to environment, state and community. First of all, the first education which starts in chilhoold facilitates mental development and creates conscious society, this process tends to continue as long as individuals continue their lives. The most important purpose of individual’s education is to understand environment that they live in and respect to people who shares common values in a community . Having consciousness about environment starts with the family. As individuals start to develop their traits and characteristics in the family, these individuals have tendency to get rules from family and apply those rules outside the family. It gives the idea that abilty to adapt and care for environment starts b... ... middle of paper ... ...ow the rules for social welfare. Taking everything into account, an individual who creates a sense of responsibility, should have responsibilities to environment, state and community. In addition, to be good citizen should be able to continue his/her lives without limiting the freedom of other people. Also, he/she does not forget that where they live and what they share with other people. People who understand the importance of being and aware of consciousness should interrogate what is happening around and assess other members in societies. Therefore, people should avoid to discriminate between individuals and to refrain from breakup the social morality. Also, the social ties which are established by individuals, provide peace and security in the country and increase the level of development. Thus, when all are present or applied, number of good citizens arise.
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