Common Themes and Elements in Psycho and The Birds

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The two films Psycho and The Birds, both directed by Alfred Hitchcock, share similar themes and elements. These recurring themes and elements are often prevalent in many of Hitchcock’s works. In Psycho and The Birds, Hitchcock uses thematic elements like the ideal blonde woman, “the motherly figure”, birds, and unusual factors that often leave the viewer thinking. Hitchcock’s works consist of melodramatic films, while also using pure cinema to help convey messages throughout the film.
While both of the films consist of two completely different plots, they still share common aspects. For instance, Hitchcock directly places a blonde woman in both of the films. Since Hitchcock is known for melodramatic films, he puts both, Marion Crane, and Melanie Daniels in extreme danger. In doing so, the film becomes more appealing to the viewer, and it begins to appeal to their emotions. It is clear that Hitchcock has a dramatic preference for blonde women, so he uses that to his advantage by making them symbols in his films. In these two films, the two main characters, Marion, and Melanie, are posed as the triggers for the action that occurs in the story. In Psycho, Marion Crane flees from town, and meets the villain of the story, Norman Bates. If Marion hadn’t stolen the money from the client at the bank, then she would not have met Norman, and she would not have been murdered. On the other hand, Melanie Daniels from the film The Birds meets Mitch Brenner in a San Francisco pet shop. She was intrigued by their encounter, and decided to take a trip to Bodega Bay where Mitch stays during the weekends. If Melanie hadn’t made the decision to go to Bodega Bay, then she would have been able to avoid the deadly bird attacks. If Marion and Melanie did...

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...he story, unless they happen to die at the end. But in Psycho, the main character Marion is killed midway through the story. Most films have an ending that leaves the viewer satisfied and content because they know that there is an actual end to the story. Yet in The Birds, the four characters leave the bird stricken town of Bodega Bay, but the birds are still left behind at the Brenner home. This leaves the viewers with a question: What happened to them? Hitchcock uses these unusual twists to create a sense of suspense; another element in most of his films.
Alfred Hitchcock’s unique sense of filmmaking and directing has allowed him to become a very famous and well known film maker of his time. He uses similar recurring themes, elements, and techniques in many of his films to engage the viewers in more than just the film, but the meaning and focus behind the story.

In this essay, the author

  • Compares alfred hitchcock's films psycho and the birds, which share similar themes and elements. the ideal blonde woman, the mother figure, birds, and unusual factors leave the viewer thinking.
  • Analyzes how hitchcock's melodramatic films put marion crane and melanie daniels in extreme danger — they are posed as triggers for the action in the story.
  • Analyzes how hitchcock contrasts the qualities of a motherly figure with intrusive, overbearing mothers in psycho and the birds.
  • Analyzes how hitchcock indirectly uses birds to make a statement in psycho and the birds.
  • Analyzes how hitchcock uses unusual twists to create a sense of suspense. in psycho, the main character marion is killed midway through the story.
  • Explains that alfred hitchcock's unique sense of filmmaking and directing has allowed him to become a very famous and well-known film maker of his time.
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