Common Sense Essay

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Thesis that contrasts with common sense , which considers reality as a self-evident . For the sociologist , however, what is real , taken for granted in a given society may not be so in another. How is it that a body of knowledge is to be established as fact ? As it grows and maintains that common sense of reality that allows each of us to navigate and act in the world of everyday life? Humans are able to move through the different spheres of reality : the art , science , religion , the game ... They are able to switch between these spheres without difficoltà.C ' is then a sphere that looks like the reality tout court, the existence of which is considered indisputable : the world of everyday life. The knowledge that individuals make reference in the sphere of everyday life is dominated by a kind of thinking ( natural attitude ) capable of suspending the doubt that this reality is something different from what you see . The world of everyday life is a reality for granted : we act in the world of everyday life in an a- problem , according to routines or patterns ( typing ) that are use...

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