Common Core Phonemic Awareness Assessment

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286 words

My assessment on this student were intended to focus on is age appropriate base on the Pre- School Common Core Phonemic Awareness as an emergent reading. In my assessment, the child will use prior knowledge on identify letters sounds, with recognizes and name at least all or some the letters. He could use his prior knowledge letters of his name and demonstrate his understanding how print is used and how print works. He can demonstrate his understanding informational from the text. This assessment will show if he could identify book, such as front, back, and story sequences. I could also recognize if he could understand how the events of the story relate with the character in the story. I will have used my assessment sheet with rhyming words to obverses his prior knowledge on rhyming words. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that their assessment on this student was intended to focus on is age appropriate base on the pre-school common core phonemic awareness as an emergent reading.
  • Explains that they plan to use the lessons to focus on the area he need extra support. they will prompt and model guild students with a warm up activity, and perform their post- assessment with professor jung.

I will manage the direction I will like him to acquire. My prompting and modeling with questions that will scaffold his ability to construct the learning process. My having organized lesson plans, so when we work together he will not be directed from the lesson. I will model guild students with a warm up activity, by prompting questions that will fostered his cognitive skills. I perform my post- assessment with Professor Jung. My formative assessment took take in his classroom during small group. I ask him a few questions and let continue to have his free time to play with his friends. As I walk around I observe his behavioral with the teachers and the students. With this conclusion, I base his overall assessment gave a detail look while he was working area the

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