Common Core, Education and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has been deeply involved in K-12 education for many years, but the organization has become the most involved yet with the creation of CCSS. The Foundation is a vocal and a monetary supporter of CCSS. They are putting money behind the many organizations supporting CCSS; they have been accused of buying off potential critics of the standards. A New York Time report revealed several statements from organizations who have received Foundation grants one, Frederick Hess (2012) who admitted a potential conflict of interest and stated “There can be an exquisite carefulness about how we’re going to say anything that could reflect badly on a foundation” (The Origins of Common Core: Untold Stories). The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the NGA and CCSSO are all filled with progressive liberals who take the stance “it takes a village to raise a child”, together they have created an educational standard that undermines the familial relationship, indoctrinates and does little to combat the problem we have in our educational system. An interesting side note to Barbers resume, however not a minor part when considering his influence, he is Chief Education Advisor to the academic publisher Pearson. Pearson, in 2013, was ordered to pay a settlement of 7.7 million dollars to New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman. It was determined that Pearson had created a non-profit educational division, Pearson Charitable Foundation, for the sole purpose of creating Common Core products to generate millions of dollars for Pearson; this is illegal as “non-profit foundations cannot misuse charitable assets to benefit their affiliated for-profit corporations” (Pearson pays $7.7 million in Common Core settleme... ... middle of paper ... ...ment at the helm and determining what American children will be taught. Works Cited Kendall, J. S. (2011). Understanding common core state standards. Alexandria, VA: ASCD. zancanello, d., & moore, m. (2014). The origins of common fore: untold stories. Language Arts, 91(4), 273-279. Layton, L. (2013, December 13). Pearson pay $7.7 million in Common Core Settlement. Washington Post. Retrieved May 6, 2014, from Preparing America's students for success.. (n.d.). Home. Retrieved May 6, 2014, from Newman, A. (2013). Educators expose the dangers of common core national education. The New American, 29(30), 31-32. Retrieved April 25, 2014, from the ProQuest database. Norton, O. (2013, May 11). Indoctrination in Common Core ELA Texts. YouTube. Retrieved May 8, 2014, from
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