Common Causes Of Marriage Problems

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Marriage problems are common, and they take down many couples who would have otherwise had a long and happy life together. If you are having problems in your marriage right now, you need to know that most of the causes are solvable. They require effort, but happily married people are healthier, happier, and live longer, which is a huge reason that you should strive to fix the issues behind the problems when they arise. Following are 9 common causes of marriage problems, and some suggestions on how to fix them. 1. Lack Of Sex A sexless marriage is defined as having sex less than 10 times per year. If you are in that boat, then you are not alone. Millions of people are living in a sexless marriage, and it is causing all kinds of problems…show more content…
Then, keep your own bank accounts and make sure you each get paid an equal amount throughout the month. This will help limit the fights, concerns, and headaches that come from not being on the same page. 5. Handling Family Issues Differently When family problems start to arise, and they always do, marriage problems can start when one person wants to deal with it one way and the other wants to deal with it another way. We all grew up in slightly different family dynamics, and it can be hard to see why our spouse is doing what they are doing with their family, but we need to respect that they are doing the best they can with them. That said, let each person deal with their own family members, but still take a stand for their marriage. For instance, if a sister is acting out and affecting your marriage, then she needs to know that it is not alright to affect your marriage, no matter what, and then she needs to be dealt with by the sibling in his or her own way. As long as it doesn 't affect the marriage, it shouldn 't matter how one person decides to deal with their own family…show more content…
Lack Of Respect Along the way, you can lose respect for your spouse. They seemed to be great in the beginning, but after you 've seen all their faults, annoying habits, mistakes, and continuous problems, you can easily lose respect for them and hold them in such low regard that you don 't even view yourself on the same level as them anymore. You may start to despise them if you have so little respect for them, and, of course, that is a one of the causes of marriage problems that will likely result in divorce if you are not careful. Why would you want to stay with someone you don 't value? Respect often comes from our values and from our opinions. If we feel someone is being less than they should be, we lose respect for them. If we feel as if someone is hurting themselves and can 't gain strength to do better, we lose respect for them. If we don 't think someone is living the 'right ' way, we lose respect for them. But all of those things are based off our values and opinions, not

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