Commercialization of Childhood and Its Downfall

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Commercialization of Childhood
What is commercialization of childhood?
“Rise of economic globalization has lead more interruption of childhood by large and small organizations in their marketing and advertising campaigns to target the children at every corner of earth.”
When did the commercialization start?
As there is no particular resource which could provide this information but it had started since the inception of any media source in the world. Most likely the first invented media was print media hence commercialization of children is the practice since the start of print media.
Why childhood is commercialized?
Due to increase of economic globalization the practice of commercialization of childhood has also increased which has a massive dollar investment on this issue. It is because the institutions that derive the globalization like WTO (World Trade Organization), IMF (International Monetary Fund), WB (World Bank) require all nations to open their doors for multinational organization and put these organizations to equally participate with local industries. Hence these multinational organizations bring sophisticated marketing campaigns which also include aimed at children of every corner of earth.

How childhood is commercialized?
Childhood commercialization is being done through number of ways as described below.
Electronic Media (Broadcasting):
Children spend more time in front of TV and now the Digital TV provides more channels to them. This habit of children helps the advertising management of a company to make such TV commercials which could promote their product through targeting the children attention. Marketing and advertising management not only putting their strategies to play with children mind by TV adverti...

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...h diverts the attention of the students from studies.
Cameron-backed report to protect children from commercialization
David Cameron is to back a plan to stop the retailers to shield children from sexually imagery across the media and protect children commercialization. Following are key feature of this report.
• Retailers to ensure magazines with sexualized images have modesty sleeves.
• The advertizing standard authority to discourage placement of billboards near schools and nurseries.
• Videos should be sold according to age of the children.
• Parents must be guided the procedures to make it easier to block adult and age restricted material on internet.
• Code of practice should be issued on child retailing.
• Define all the children at the age of 16 in all types of advertizing regulations.
• Create a single website for parents to complain to regulators.

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