Commercialization Of Personal Computer Case Study

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Commercialization of Personal Computers
The IBM 5150, IBM’s first personal computer was introduced in a marketing campaign that led to more than 25 million Americans owning computer by 1987 (Smith and Alexander 15). IBM focused on educating consumers on how personal computers could be used to transform lives. The introduction of various applications including word processing, spreadsheet and database management facilitated information management and this led to the acceptance of personal computers as a useful tool. IBM’s association with the computer' class='brand-secondary'>personal computer grew and the company was able to combine that success with the marketing of their hardware and software. The marketing strategy used by IBM set the tone for Apple’s emergence in the commercial
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Celeco industries also introduced their Celeco Adam computer which sported the Z80 processor sound, graphics a daisy wheel printer, tapes for storage and slots for cartridge. IBM also shipped its IBM PCjr while Microsoft announced its Windows GUI for DOS.
Apple introduced its Macintosh with 512x342 monochrome graphics and a 7.8 MHz Motorolla 68000 processor and 128kB RAM. This was followed by the IBM PC/AT with 6 MHz 80286 processor, MS DOS 3.0, 1.2MB floppy drive storage and 256 kB RAM for a price of US$4,000.
In 1985 there were new releases from Atari and Commodore in the form of the Atari 130St and 520St and Commodore’s Amigo 1000 computer. Microsoft also shipped its Windows 1.0 operating system. Intel completed the development of its new 16 Megahertz 80386 processor while Compaq introduced its first computer with the 80836 processor.
In 1987 Apple introduced the Macintosh 11 and the Macintosh SE. BM also introduced its new the new Personal System/2 computer with VGA 256-color graphics, Operating System/2 and Micro Channel Architecture. The computer market got a break from new releases in 1988.
In 1989 the 25 Megahertz 486 processor was introduced by Intel. Apple also started shipping its Macintosh Portable computers.
Developments during the Period 1990 to

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