Commercial Analysis Of Set Yourself Free By Henry Inglis

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Set yourself free is a public service announcement, targeting teenage group by Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann. This advertisement was first aired on January 29,2014 on YouTube website. At the beginning ,the commercial shows teenagers climbing out of their school windows and planning to play hooky for the day. The moment their teacher saw them escaping from the school, they were already on Volkswagen Van, which was brought in by their other friend. In the next scene, these love birds change their outfit from boring school uniform to fancy beach wear. Then, one of them have a casual look at the map and throw it out of the window and then they happen to enter into pristine beach. They manage to get in there by sneaking through a broken wire gate. They enjoy the waves of cold water in the sunny day and relaxing themselves by drinking bear. However, the advertisements takes an unexpected turn suddenly one of the girls happen to run out of water and steps on the landmine and her other two friends also get exploded in the same way, leaving one behind showered in blood. The camera then focus...

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