Comments: A Critical Analysis Of 'The SAT'

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Specific Comments: Pg1, P1, L4 - Because “The SAT” alone is a fragmented sentence, I would consider that you link it with the sentence before it so that it reads “tradition: the SAT”. This would both be grammatically correct and maintain the flow of the piece. Pg1, P1, L4-6 - In my opinion, I feel as though this sentences read a bit awkwardly and would benefit from some slight restructuring. It seemed a little confusing to what the “intelligence” was referring to, and clarification seems necessary for the reader. One possible correction could read: “This standardized test does not truly measure intelligence and is biased against minorities and people of lower economic status. It is an unreliable test, yet today’s society places so much dependence on it.”, but it’s all up to you! Pg1, P2, L2 - The phrasing of “standards of psychometrics” seems unnecessarily wordy; I recommend writing “psychometric standards” instead. I would propose that…show more content…
Nicely done! Pg3, P2, L4-5 - When this sentence stands alone, it has a particularly dramatic effect - one of emphasis. However, because it’s a fragment, it is grammatically correct, and thus requires restructuring. Pg3, P2, L4-5 - Your wording of “no one dares to break” is really interesting here. In order to better maintain this idea of fear through the rest of the sentence for the purposes of flow and continuity, I recommend that you rephrase the latter half of the sentence. One potential recommendation could read: “because of our restrictive social standards” or “because of our reluctance to break away from social standards”. Pg3, P2, L9-10: Just a quick grammatical correction: “that I had to learn how to swallow it” should be replaced by “that I learned to swallow them” because “ones” is a plural

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