Commentary on Theatrical Production of Romeo and Juliet

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For my LIP assignment I went to see Romeo and Juliet at the Sacramento Theatre Company at the 6.30pm show on Wednesday night with a friend. The venue is in Downtown Sac and has a nice little array of shops around it. There’s a parking lot right by it and there was plenty of street parking also available so it was all very convenient. It has three ‘Stages’ and since Romeo and Juliet was the main production of the season, it was located on the MainStage Theatre. The ticket cost around $20 all in all with the student discount which I thought reasonable enough, I’d planned on going since a week before so I’d bought the ticket online and there was a reserve and convenience fee but it was negligible. There were some other people my age there but mostly elder couples, which was pretty cute I thought, considering it was Romeo and Juliet. The lobby had food available and also a bar from which I was not allowed to buy anything unfortunately, the lady there just gave me the stare of death when I tried. They did have a lot of stuff available there and everyone from the ticket lady to the cleaning crew was pretty nice over all. The Main Stage looked like it seated around 300 people in three sections with two aisles in between. The setting of the play was very interesting, they put a 1930’s New Jersey spin on Romeo and Juliet. It’s the prohibition era and there are two syndicate families contending for the economic control of the city of Verona, they aren’t just rivals but both are of a different faith too, one’s Jewish and the other are Italians. One of the reasons why I actually decided to try this out was to see how (and if) they’d manage to pull this off and it seemed kind of interesting. In this play, the first half was this bawdy coming... ... middle of paper ... ... and I enjoyed the experience. I wouldn’t be going every other week, but I will go when different places put on plays which may interest m. I’d also like to go watch a musical and other forms of performing arts to gain more insight into the genre. Money comes into play a lot when I consider my regular leisure activities, if I have a 100 bucks to spend on leisure monthly I’m not going to go spend 20 bucks each week on a play but if it’s just $8-12 I wouldn’t mind at all. Sac State regularly has plays going on each semester so that’s always an option, a cheaper one too. I was looking online and schools like Davis and ARC have cheaper ticket options and that’s something I can indulge in more often. Even if school plays might not be as good as the productions in the Downtown venues, attending those will help me gain experience and differentiate the good from the great.

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