Commentary on Neil Postman´s Amusing Ourselves to Death

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More than two decades ago, an author foretold of a country that was slowly rotting away in front of hundreds of pixels that presented the attractive images that kept them coming back for more nonsense. Neil Postman wrote Amusing Ourselves to Death and brought to the public’s attention (or at least those who chose to read his book (who commonly weren't the people who needed to hear Postman’s warning)) that television has become the central point for our culture's information. And with so much influence over the many minds of the huge country of the United States of America, Postman sadly informed us that we were only being fed garbage. Poisonous, radioactive garbage at that, which passes on from each contaminated generation to the next. With his thorough analyzation of the past and what was currently taking place in the country, Postman wrote this admonitory novel. And with his unique writing style and numerous rhetorical devices, Postman created a novel that could possibly inform and protect people from a "Huxleyan" future, and ending.

Outstanding relevance plays a key role in the v...
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