Commentary on Film: The Mask is Real

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The Mask is Real Director Stanley Kubrick once said, “When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man.” This point is extremely evident in today’s society. The world today has constructed an idea of masculinity that doesn’t allow for boys to be secure with who they are. Society is constantly pushing boys towards perfection leading to anxiety, and as a result these men are not choosing who they want to be or how they want to live; instead they are being who everyone else wants them to be and living how everyone else wants them to live. The film trailer for, “The Mask You Live In,” focuses on this issue, and pushes for some form of change in today’s popular culture. Their goal is to bring to light an issue that many individuals today are overlooking, that being how many boys are wearing a ‘mask’ and the fact that the phrase “man up” is something we need to begin to redefine. Expert opinions, interviews with young boys, factual evidence, emotional appeal, and imagery all help the film create a strong, positive argument. The majority of the people in the world value the opinion of a well-educated person. Whether they are a doctor, lawyer, psychologist, scientist, etc. It does not matter to us. The fact that a person has a title before their name, or a degree after it is a deciding in factor in whether or not we want to listen to a person or not. Documentary makers have realized this, and the film, ‘”The Mask You Live In,” utilizes it greatly. Every commentator in the trailer has some form of education in psychology, psychiatry, counseling or sociology. These professions are especially enticing considering they are extremely knowledgeable on the men’s psychological conditions, and for that reason alone, most people will believe what... ... middle of paper ... ... emotions that will be felt, and this vast array can only be used to the trailer’s advantage. The film trailer for “The Mask You Live In,” illustrates the values of today’s society and how they affect the lives of young men as they grow up. Emotional appeal, imagery, professional insight, and evidence from the boys are utilized greatly to provide support to the trailer’s argument. The world today and the people in it are telling these boys how to live when all they really want is to figure it out for themselves and grow into the person they want to become, not the person they need to become. Very few people make it to the stage of taking off their mask; I would say less than half of society. From experience, I will say that it is not weird at all; actually it’s lonely, just as it is for any minority. “The Mask You Live In” is the beginning of ending this minority.
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