Commentary of Orson Scott Card´s Novel: Ender's Game

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“Ender’s Game”, by Orson Scott Card, is a military science fiction novel that narrates the story of a boy named Andrew “Ender” Wiggin and his predetermined life to save humanity. Set in the future, humans are at war with an alien insect race dubbed the “buggers.” The buggers have already invaded Earth two times previously and did not succeed because of Mazer Rackham, the general that won the second invasion. Expecting a third invasion of the buggers, the International Fleet (I.F.) has trained child geniuses at very young ages through games that gradually increase in difficulty including the zero gravity battle rooms in preparation for them to become commanders of the Third Invasion. Ender is selected to go to Battle School in space because of the actions he has displayed against a bully after a device known as a monitor, which allows the leaders of the I.F. to watch and hear everything Ender perceives. Although Ender’s conception was predetermined (in this time period, families are only allowed to have two children unless stated by the government which is why Ender is often called a “Third”), he had to display the correct characteristics to be selected. Ender’s siblings, Peter and Valentine also wore the monitor, but neither wore it as long nor was selected because Peter was too cruel and Valentine was too mild. Once Ender arrives, he makes a couple new friends from the other selected children, including a boy named Alai. When Ender is alone, he plays a mind game and progresses farther than anyone has before so out of the blue, Ender becomes promoted to a group called Salamander Army, where he befriends the only girl, Petra Arkanian, at Battle School. As Ender continues to display his brilliance, he is continuously being promot... ... middle of paper ... ...not allow him to leave. Lastly, Ender was lied to and forced through battle simulations which ended up killing an entire race without his knowledge. Ender did not wish to annihilate bugger species, as he did not like murder in general. He believed killing the buggers were also a crime as to killing people. He believes that there were more to the buggers than what everyone perceived them to be. And since he nearly killed the entire species, he feels like it is his obligation to help find a new location for the buggers to repopulate. Ultimately, the novel is only a little over 300 pages and overall is an easy read. The only issue I had with the novel was the amount of side characters, making it difficult to remember who was who. Finally, I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys fiction novels that pertain to space and defending Earth from a foreign threat.

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