Comment of “Active and Passive Euthanasia”

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“Active and Passive Euthanasia,” by James Rachels, makes a strong case over the doctrine permitting certain Euthanasia’s. This doctrine, adopted by the “House of Delegates of the American Medical Association” in 1973 (p. 302), states that, it is permissible for doctors to withhold medical treatment allowing a patient to die, but it is never permissible to take direct actions designed to kill the patient. Rachels disputes against this doctrine. Rachels’ core arguments is against the dispute that killing, in itself, is worse than letting die (p.302). Many prohibitionists believe there are important moral differences between active and passive euthanasia. But is there? While one is considered murder, the other is letting nature pan out. Rachels argument suggests this claim invalid. Recall Rachels example of two cousins in sticky situations. The author explains a circumstance in which a man, Smith, is in line for a hefty inheritance behind his 6 year old cousin. Overpowered by greed, Smith enters a restroom where the child is bathing, and drowns the child making it look like an accid...

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