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When you think about something that kills it is almost always cancer. A highly well known cancer producer is cigarretes; better described as cancer sticks. When you think about another drug related substance alcohol is very close. There are negative side effects to tobacco and alcohol but the fact of tobacco advertising being illegal compared to alcohol is not hypocritical. When comparing the two together on a health related scale, say a moderation level; there is no moderation for cigarrets it is all poison. Alcohol related deaths are due to a hospitalized amount of alcohol, poor decisions because you are under the influence and from drunk driving. These situations are all controllable when you intake alcohol. When you intake tobacco smoke, you are guaranteeing yourself a chance of cancer which takes over lives. Tobacco not only affects the user but second hand smoke is draw into the lungs of those around them. I will argue the stakeholders perspectives from alcohol and tobacco consumers, The Canadian Cancer Society and my own.
Stakeholders have always been very important for corporations. Regardless if the organization is public or private, they operate in a field that works with stakeholders. Influencing the way in which the organization is managed is just one thing they do (Oates & Kloot, 2014, p. 163-173). They are important because a stakeholder can be various persons, groups or organizations that are not only in support of your organization but those who are against it as well. Their opinons are taken into account by leaders, managers and front-line staff. Stakeholder opinons are more important than ever because of the increasingly interconnected nature of the world (Bryson, 2004, p. 21-53).
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...cohol is not hypocritical. Yes there is drunk driving, alcoholism and liver cancer but comparing the immediate health affects of cigarettes to alcohol, the dangers of tobacco use is much higher. I understand the consumer point of view and if I was an uneducated smoker I would want to continue smoking. If there is more global awareness about the risks of cancer and and other diseases that could be preventable from not smoking than more people would continue to quit. Tobacco companies could start making profit off of nicotene gum and more products that will help people quit to stay out of bankrupcy while helping the population quit cigarettes. The heart and stroke foundation has many facts and statistics that should be promoted to provide information about healthy living. Those who drink heavily need to know that it does not leave your internal system untouched.
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