Come, Follow Me

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“We are all seekers, people who are searching for some measure of happiness and fulfillment.” (Lamoureux, 1) Humans naturally have an appetite or hunger for things like food, drink and money. Humans also have desires that seek satisfaction. We want to be as satisfied as possible. Humans want to know their purposes in life and finally be able to reach that ultimate goal or obstacle and complete it. In this completion, a human finds their ultimate meaning or value. When thinking of where your morality is derived from and what rules you set for yourself, your mind tends to wonder. “Come, Follow Me” (Mark 1:17) Humans are/were called into existence. The Christian moral life as discipleship raises questions of ultimate meaning and value, and offers answers to these questions: what is the call for discipleship, who calls and what is one called to do? For the Christian, the state of one self is aware of the calling from God to be Jesus’ disciple. The ultimate meaning or purpose for a Christian is the call on their life from God. The fulfillment comes with dong the good works of God and receiving eternal life in heaven. God calls to the community of believers also seen as the body of Christ. He is the vines and believers are the branches. Christian women and men are called through the ages to do good works of their selves and to and for others. The call is a gift we are and free to determine how we will respond. “The Christian moral life begins with the awareness of being called to discipleship, and the ethical task is to respond appropriately.”(Lamoureux, 1) The Christian bible includes a passage from Jesus called The Sermon on the Mount. It is the 5th, 6th, and 7th chapters of Matthew and is divided into 5 sections: The Beatitudes... ... middle of paper ... ...lfillment passion and desires must no longer remain. The perfect understanding of the world and meaning is developed through the understanding of the Four Noble Truths through perfect thought, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration. Every person seeks a purpose or has a question about their ultimate meaning. Religion, practices and traditions give us our values in multiple ways. Our human goal is to find out which question we are call to answer and this question depends solely on one’s moral life. References Lamoureux, Patricia, and Paul J. Wadell. "The Call of Discipleship, The Treasure We Seek-The Reign of God and the Moral Life, Starting Over Again and Again: Sin and Conversion in the Christian Life." In The Christian moral life: faithful discipleship for a global society. Maryknoll, N.Y.: Orbis Books, 2010. 1-23, 52-60, 75-94.
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