Colors Of Mcdonalds, Red, White, And Mcdonalds

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Marketing in its self is one of the biggest tools a business can use to attract customers to their business. Colors in marketing express what the company is offering, in a subliminal way. Customers recognize brands by colors, UPS is brown and FedEx is blue and orange. Brands uses color marketing to support the personality their business wants to portray, the color pallet has aligned emotions and responses to their respective colors. McDonalds is the biggest fast food chain in the United States, and still one of the biggest growing chains in the world. McDonalds color traits are its infamous red, white, and yellow. These colors are seen throughout any McDonalds you go into, and throughout all their packaging. All three colors have different…show more content…
White is a very important color, which many customers do not notice when looking at marketing and advertisement. White is pure, balanced, and calm, McDonalds uses white on the majority of background marketing and on Ronald McDonald. McDonalds has had a lot of bad reputation from the food they were serving, but using white in their marketing, psychologically is trying to give McDonalds a pure image for their customers. White is a color of class, McDonalds now is trying to change their image, cooking better food and rising above their normal stature of bad fast food. McDonalds wants to be notice more as a restaurant, than a fast food chain, offering more than burgers and fries. They have coffee, salad, and wraps, the color white, even though not as noticeable as the other colors, creates a calm and classy environment psychologically, for one to sit down and relax while they…show more content…
Many competitors use red, white, and/or yellow in their marketing or logos. Wendy uses white and yellow, Burger King uses all three colors, 5 Guys uses red and white, the list can go on and on. The color in its self does not distinguish McDonalds from their competitors, it is their extra effort in marketing and symbolism that separates McDonalds from their competition. Customers symbolize the famous golden arch “M” to McDonalds, when the uses of colors is standardize in a sector, McDonalds have to implement other tactics to attract customers. Children and adults recognize the famous “M”, they know who Ronald McDonald is, and they know what a happy meal box looks like. The use of their color marketing helps, but with the constant use of their symbolism with their color scheme is what makes McDonalds the number one fast food restaurant in the
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