Colorism: The Ultimate Light Skin Vs. Dark Skin Battle

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Colorism: The Ultimate Light Skin vs Dark Skin Battle When I was younger, I knew a girl named Dajah. Our fathers grew up as best friends so it was inevitable for us to become best friends as well. We had a lot in common except one thing, our appearance. Dajah had biracial parents so her skin was lighter than mine and her curls were a little more defined. I didn’t see a problem with this until we got older. In middle school, we became more interested in boys. She would always get boys’ attention frequently if we went somewhere together, I felt invisible. Even random adults would comment on how beautiful she was, I remained invisible. I began to grow a tad bit envious and viewed myself in a negative way because I did not look like Dajah. Myself…show more content…
Firstly, this color-struck mindset has affected how black people view other black people. These days, dark skins are not the only target of colorism. Light skin people are getting the short end of the stick as well. Grey’s Anatomy actor, Jesse Williams, received a humanitarian award at the BET Awards. He delivered a speech and included content about racism. Subsequently, social media was flustered by his remarks and claimed that he was in fact, “too light-skinned” to have endured any type of racism. That was the general statement circulating the media by other black people. Colorism has led dark skins to deny their light skin counterparts as members of the community. Colorism has also managed to dictate the societal standard of beauty. Referring to the personal story above, I believed that because my friend Dajah was light skinned, that was what I had to be to be considered “pretty”. There are plenty of young girls who have had or currently have this mentality due to what they see and hear. Colorism is a hard system to escape. The history behind the concept of colorism contributes to the development of the black community. Willie Lynch predicted and sort of dictated the future of black people with his method. From then until now, there has been an apparent divide within the community that is hindering us from progression. Because it is still prevalent, that shows that we are weak in the mind, just as Lynch sought out for. It took a short amount of time to construct this system, it is now up to our society whether we continue to build it up or quickly deconstruct

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