Colorblindnness Essay

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Sometimes Doing Nothing is Key
Four different people are watching the six o 'clock news and something perceived as racist appears on the news broadcast once again. The first person replies to it by saying "Why cannot everyone just see people, not the color of their skin." The second person gets defensive and starts to have strong ideas about the subject. The third person thinks of how to stop racism by taking action. When the fourth person sees the news broadcast, they just change the channel. Although racism is less blatant now, its presence is still undeniable. It can be resolved by simply doing nothing.
Ignoring different cultural and ethnic groups, also known as, the practice of racial colorblindness is one way people choose to handle
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Jose 's idea formed around a quote from Martin Luther King 's I have a dream speech. In Martin Luther King 's I Have a Dream speech he wanted people to focus on individual character rather than the color skin color. Racial Colorblindness focuses on the commonalities among people like King wanted. However, racial colorblindness is an impractical way to stop racism on a national or even personal level. Jose 's idea is not the moral way of dealing with racism. Racial Colorblindness strips individuals of their identity. Denying people of their identities is not contributing to the racial process, but rather takes this country back to its sordid racist history. When Jose told his friend Jerome "I do not see color, I just see people." Jerome responded that race is the core of his identity and by him ignoring his race made his feel invisible. Like many other factors – gender, socio-economic status and religion- race are a factor that makes up a person 's being, whether or not people acknowledges its role in life. The phrase "I do not see color. I just see…show more content…
Sarah sees the news broadcast decided she had enough. Picket signs were not going to be enough this time. She wanted to take a more physical approach. Sarah 's philosophy is that taking action will be more effective than protesting, and it will get more attention. Sarah feels like she 's the only one brave enough to make a change, and she doesn 't care about the consequences of her actions. She wants to be like Rosa Parks, so she takes down a symbol from a public facility that is perceived to be racist by many. As a result, she goes to jail for defacing public property but her attempt hits national news. Even though, she got the news coverage she wanted, and more people became aware of the situation in a non-violent way. Taking action is not the moral way of dealing with racism. In Three Ways of Meeting Oppression, Martin Luther King explains violence will not solve the problem but will only create new ones. Just like violence, taking action creates more problems. Taking action leads to retaliation from the opposing party. After Sarah 's arrest, many groups formed the next day to keep the symbol legal for public display. The streets became hectic with people protesting to keep the symbol. By the next week, a man shoots up a church to get his point across. While Sarah used a non-violent approach to getting her point across, it caused more harm than good. So taking action is not the moral
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