Colonization On Native Americans And Africans

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Colonization on Native Americans and Africans 1492-1700 Native Americans were abused by Spanish officials when the Spanish invaded their lands. In an attempt to control the attacks of the Native Americans, they enlisted fear into the minds of the Indians. They gave the least power and human rights to the Native Americans to show dominance over them, and prove who of them had the power. The purpose of the church building was to convert Native Americans to Christianity, many converted to avoid bloodshed and damage to their people. The Spanish forced the Native Americans to work; Encomienda, which means to have Native American labor. The Native Americans labored on haciendas/plantations, which means farms. They forced Native Americans to work on farms of cash crops, sugar, coffee, cotton. Bartolome De Las Casas fought against the mistreatment of Indians. The Native Americans were given some laws of protection, however, by this point many Spaniards looked at Native Americans as vile human beings and mistreated them as a social normalcy. Many native Americans died from overwork, and harsh living conditions given to them by the Spaniards. Native Americans introduced the Spaniards and settlers to different types of crops. It is the reason Spaniards had them harvest their farms, to make sure their crops flourished. Spaniards didn’t know how to care for the crops like the Native Americans so they forced them to under violence and deaths. The reason Spaniards were able to defeat native tribes, and force them to work for their own personal greed was due to their using more advanced techniques like the gun Native Americans had already been weakened by being exposed to smallpox so having the guns only made the Spaniards more powerful an... ... middle of paper ... but nothing more, even though they contributed greatly to European culture, no one would admit or give credit to the culture of Africans. Because Africans were taken from all places of Africa their different cultures started to become one culture. European men would lay with African women even though in social settings they would treat the African women like dirt, the European women were jealous of the beauty and clothing of the African women and so had them dress in rags even though they took their fashion and incorporated it as their own. The African men had to endure violence of a horrible degree, and still work the next day. The Africans got worse treatment than the Native Americans, even though they murdered most the Native Americans. This was because the Native Americans were the first group in the colonies to be treated as inferior to the colonists.

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