Colonialism Vs Native American Imperialism

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The period of colonial expansion in the New World was one of tumult and transformation. The Europeans were experiencing whole new cultures and thrusting themselves upon strange new lands. They encountered cultures that they did not understand and people who understood them even less. This meeting of two ways of life, of two races was cause for a lot of fear on both ends of the interaction. While the natives chose to deal with this fear through respect towards the other group, the colonists chose a path of violence and intolerance. This caused for a clash of cultures as opposed to a happy marriage between the two. The two ways of living constantly collided, through the subjugation of the natives, the European reeducation programs, or the many ways the colonists took advantage of the Indians generosity.…show more content…
They saw the natives’ way of life and it’s stark contrast to civilized European society, and immediately labeled them as inferior. They used this perceived inferiority as an excuse to enslave the natives and use them for profit. The colonists saw the Natives as “better off” when they were working for them. As Takaki states in The Tempest in the Wilderness, “The Spanish Lawyer Juan Gines de Sepulveda had justified the Spanish conquest of Indian by invoking Aristotle's doctrine that some people were natural slaves.” (32). This was the ideology of the colonists and to them, it applied perfectly to these strange new people and their “savage”
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