Colombia 's Drug Trade : Colombia

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Colombia`s Drug Trade Colombia is a country that is rich in soil and the most fertile in the world. Because Colombia has such rich and limitless resources it comes at a high price. One of these resources is considered to be a life line to a better life, which is called the coca leaf. Cocaine is a drug that has been around for many years. This drug hasn 't always been for recreational uses but just known as a pure coca leaf in the jungle. The coca leaf has not only transformed it 's self into a money-making drug but it has also transformed Colombia into the main supplier to all countries for its pure cocaine drug, making Colombia one of the most dangerous places in the world. Cocaine is made from a leaf called coca. A coca leaf is green and grows in the mountains in Bogotá. This leaf is then transformed to what is known as the drug called cocaine, coke, snow, or blow. This is a hazardous drug mixed with a variety of house hold items. Once farmers have collected enough leafs to meet their need they grind the leaves up with a weed whacker. Then add dried cement, diesel petrol mix, and battery acid are then added to the leaves and mixed together. Once this is done the combustion is left to sit for 2 hours and cooked to make it into a hard rock form. To get it into the powdery white texture that most people know this drug for is to put it into the microwave. Most people don’t know about these other harsh chemicals that are mixed with the coca leaves but the farmers don’t care as long as the money keeps coming in to live another day. “Based on 2005 data from Colombia, we can state that whoever can turn the coca leaf into pure crystal winds up with a product that is worth twice as much as a field of dry coca leaves 13.039 U... ... middle of paper ... ...sphere. The families that lived in Bogata at that time ended up being severely injured by the mines and lost one to both of their legs by simply walking to get crops to feed their families. Colombia is known as the land of the white candy. The economy in Colombia is so bad that people are willing to go to extremes to survive. Cocaine is one of the worlds largest money-making drugs that it 's almost impossible to keep off of the streets. In fact, O`Connor says, “The cocaine industry is so big that in the early 1990s it represented more than half of the value of net direct foreign investment in the country” (99). The sad thing is ever since cocaine has been on the market including all the wars and regulations in Colombia the market for cocaine is flourishing more than it has ever been. This “Ever Lasting War” is still in effect and spreading like wild-fire.

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