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Colombia History Colombia was one of the three original countries along with Ecuador and Venezuela that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830. Over the last 40 years, there has been a campaign to overthrow the government partially because of the drug trades throughout Colombia. The movement does however lack support from military and support from the necessary influences. In recent years, there have been challenges for control of the territories throughout Colombia and also for the drug trade. Economy The economy continues to improve despite the last couple of years, by having an increased number of government budgets, increases number of efforts to reduce the public debt levels, and an export oriented growth focus. Some of the negative aspects of the economic problems range from to changing the current pension system, reducing high unemployment and the need to fix the declining oil production. On the positive side, some of the changes being done are reducing the public deficit which is now below 2.5%. Also, coffee prices were at an all time low and have begun to raise again. Colombia makes most of their money from exports, some exports are coffee, petroleum, iron, steel, fruits and drugs. Drugs Throughout the 1980’s, Colombia earned the name as the major narcotic trafficking center. The country’s involvement with drugs did not stem in the 1980’s, it started with the first colonization, which had grown and chewed coca for thousands of years...

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