Colliding of Separate Worlds

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Back in history, colonies of humans like the Indians, Europeans, and Africans lived by themselves in other parts of the Earth. They had never seen nor heard each other before in their life time. Christopher Columbus was the main reason the Old World and New World were brought together. In addition to this, the impact from the Indians, Europeans, and Africans when their colonies collided were international trade, deadly diseases and slavery. The Europeans found the discovery of the New World, consisting of North America and South America, from wanting to increase in power, wanting contact with a wider world, and for trading or conquest. Europeans came from the Old World consisting of Europe, Africa and Asia. The Europeans were all about exploration and documentation in different places. Luxuries in the East were very rare and cheaper than in Europe. An Italian adventurer, named Marco Polo, told the Europeans luxuries in the East were very rare and cheaper than in Europe, making more Europeans wanting to sail to the East. But the European sailors refused to sail around West Africa from the northerly winds and south-flowing currents. Forcing them to sail west to get to the East, making them run into the Americas. By sailing to the West, with three ships, Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas by reaching the Bahamas in October 12, 1492. When exploring this New World, Columbus came into conflict with the native peoples. Thinking that he had ended up in the Indies, Columbus called the native peoples Indians. When the Europeans met the Native Americans or Indians, they realized that the Indians were very advanced in agriculture with growing food. Corn was the most important produce that the Indians had created. Corn spread e... ... middle of paper ... ...the New World. Indians were later captured into slavery. Europeans realized that the New World also had gold and silver rather than just food. Indians helped locate gold and silver since they had lived there their entire lives. Both Indians and Africans were used to dig for gold and silver. The impact of the colonies of Europeans, Africans, and Indians colliding, made a difference to how they lived. International trade changed life in both good and bad ways. It brought new ways of feeding people and helped new ways of transportation. Deadly diseases were very harsh to the New World making tribes to almost go extinct. Slavery evolved forcing millions of Africans to migrate to the New World to work. Christopher Columbus made it possible for the Europeans, Africans, and Indians to change their way of living and experiencing some good and bad problems along the way.
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