Collegiate Binge Drinking

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Abstract: As recognition grows that binge drinking on colleges nationwide is more prevalent than ever, school administrators and parents alike are seeking useful intervention to combat this issue. Studies have determined that “students’ use of alcohol is shaped, to some extent; by how much they think other students on campus drink” (Wechsler 2000:57). Most college students are in the particular age group that statistically has the highest rate of binge drinking. According to the American Journal of Public Health, this leads college students who decide to overindulge “extremely vulnerable to such health problems as: injuries from related car crashes; unplanned and unsafe sex; assault and aggressive behavior; alcohol dependence; and possibly death” (Nelson 2005: 441). This research paper seeks to better understand certain predictors to college binge drinking. I will specifically focus on college students in Wisconsin and California. Having attended higher education in both states, I want to understand why Wisconsin has such a higher rate of college binge drinkers than California. Introduction: Binge drinking and the ensuing problems associated with its use are considered to be the number one public health problem affecting college students today (Nelson 2005). Excessive alcohol consumption is associated with many undesirable health and social consequences for individuals who chose to partake in such behavior, and accounts for approximately $184 billion in overall economic costs in the United States annually (Nelson 2005). Among college students alone, excessive alcohol abuse accounts for roughly 1,400 deaths and nearly 500,000 injuries per year (Nelson 2005). Although most students first experiment with alcohol in high school... ... middle of paper ... ...tudents and Binge Drinking: An Evaluation of Social Learning Theory.” Sociological Spectrum. Volume 25 (3). 255-272. Moberg, Paul. 2008. “Wisconsin Epidemiological Profile on Alcohol and Other Drugs Use.” University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. 1-240. Katches, Mark. “Wasted in Wisconsin: Why Alcohol is deeply apart of Wisconsin Culture.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 13.4 (2009)8-10. McNamee, Kevin. “California Profile on Alcohol Use.” Public Health Institute. 1-453. Wechsler, Henry; Kuo, Meichun. 2000. College Students Define Binge Drinking and Estimate Its Prevalence: Results of a National Survey. Journal of American College Health. Volume 49. 57-63. Wechsler, Henry; Lee, Jae; Kuo, Meichun. 2001. “Trends in College Binge Drinking During a Period of Increased Prevention Efforts.” Journal of American College Health. Volume 50. 203-216.

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