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What makes me feel worried after I graduate from high school? Indeed, a big problem is people always compare universities and colleges. A great many students want to go straight to the big or famous universities after they graduate from high schools. Likewise, some people think college students will have less chance than universities students. Also, they always keep in their mind that universities offer a higher level of education than colleges. On the other hand, one of my friends shows evidences to prove that he enjoys his college life, and he thinks studying in a university is not the destination for his life. In fact, do you know what makes you have a good future? The exciting things that during discussing with my friends, they gave me 3 suggestions: we need to know a basic definition of community college and university, students disagree with university is the only way to be success, and some students know which one is the best for them.
First of all, what is the basic difference between colleges and universities? Colleges are the school where you can get a 2-year degree or if you do not want to stop yourself continuing to learn that you can transfer to universities to get a 4-year degree and more. So, the following definition of college is given where you can take some basic classes like History, Government, English, etc. In other words, college focuses on undergraduate programs and helps to give some chances to continue study. Much colleges include community colleges can be smaller than universities because they offer Bachelor’s degree. In contrast, universities accept and offer both undergraduate and graduate degree. Also, you can study to get masters and PhD. degree from universities. In the reality life, while the na...

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...e about what colleges or universities that you and I have taken because it also depends on your personality, family circumstances, and literacy. A chance never comes twice; a successful person, who is the right time to capture, makes wise decisions, and plus a little luck. Our lives will not totally change because of a good university or a great community college. Only we can change our lives' status; only we can choose what we want to do; only we can hold our lives on our hands. Studying in a famous or fancy university helps you have a good beginning of your career, but this is not the most important thing in your lives. You might choose the way where you feel comfortable to achieve your target. Don't let the education limit you, you should utilize it to help you climbing to the peak of your career. After all, I always remember that failure is a lesson for success.
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