College Writing in the 21st century

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1126 words

College Writing in the 21st century

How should it be thought and taught?

With the diverse world we live in, I can only see one thing we all possess. The one thing that everyone has in one form or another is his or her individuality. A lot of people have different cultures that make them more of an individualistic group in a modern society. America would scare me out my mind if I came from a society not like Americas, from Japan or areas of the Middle East. I would have to go into a whole different frame of mind to try to survive in this society and be successful. For children or young adults this would be a tough time for them to adapt themselves to our school system. When it comes to college writing, I think teachers in the most part understand they have a cross-cultural influenced student body. With the Students point of view, it's hard to accept people who seem different or blocked from normal social events or interactions.

When I was in High school, we had 14 different nationalities within it. It was interesting to have a class with such a wide range of people, beliefs, and learning styles. I would feel bad for the teachers and other students mostly because the new kids that didn't speak nglish very well struggled to communicate with everyone. This caused problems with the teachers trying to teach them and keep them equal in the classroom. This caused some teachers to give up a little bit and not treat them like normal students. When I read Amy Tans essay " Mother Tongue", I noticed that she said that she spoke very good nglish but her mother did not. This caused many problems for her mother like the kids in my school, because people wouldn't take her seriously. This caused a lot of embarrassing moments for Mrs. Tan. She pointed out that when she was a child that her teachers would try to point her in the math and science direction because she showed that she was stronger in those areas which most Japanese or Chinese are stronger in. Amy expressed that she didn't want to go into math or science she wanted to write. Her teachers tried to sway her decision but she stood strong.

People should be able to come into a class and feel not only welcome but also secure with the people around them.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that everyone has an individuality in one form or another in a modern society. america would scare them out of their minds if they came from other cultures.
  • Narrates how amy tan's essay "mother tongue" caused problems for her mother, because people wouldn't take her seriously.
  • Opines that people should be able to come into a class and feel not only welcome but also secure with the people around them.
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