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College Writing Writing is the ability to express yourself and to communicate with others. College writing courses strive to provide students with the ability to do this. In the following quote, AOur greatest multicultural resource, one that is authentic, rich, and truly diverse,@ Maxine Hairston, is obviously speaking about today=s student. How can we give all students who have different values, language, and cultural background the ability to express themselves, to communicate, and to contribute in significant ways to the relationship with others locally and globally? Do we strictly emphasize correct grammar and usage? Do we focus on critical thinking skills or personal expression? I am sure that this has obviously been a very controversial topic amongst educators at least in this century. I know that there is no easy answer. Educators will continue to debate this issue for years to come. What I will do is try to provide some insight on the writing process from the eyes of an eighteen year old. The quest for excellence is a life long process. To become a good writer - communicator, is also a life long process. AIn order to communicate with others, we must learn to see through their lenses as well as to try to explain to them what we see through ours@ (qdt. in Hairston). This process begins at a very early age. The building blocks which start in our earliest ages help us develop speech. From kindergarten on, phonics plays a key role. As we grow older and progress through the levels of schooling, we encounter many different ways to communicate. Telephone conversations, passing notes, writing essays, and e-mailing are many different forms of communication that we use to express our thoughts and feelings. When you stop an... ... middle of paper ... ...r not having an opinion on who my favorite teacher was and why. As high school progressed, I realized that it was easier for me to put my words on paper. What I have discovered while writing this essay is that writing forces me to focus my thinking and succinctly express a specific point. As a young person discovering a larger universe than the 130 student high school I graduated from, I am constantly embracing varying thoughts and allowing them to flow freely without structure. Writing forces me to limit my thoughts and focus, just long enough to get specific points on paper. Educators will continuously debate form, substance, grammar, style, and thinking skills giving little attention to the fact that young peoples minds just need to focus. Whatever methodology applied, as long as students are asked to write, they will continue to progress. This has helped me.

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