College: The Changes, Challenges, and Choices

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Attend College or a University is an important change in the life of the student and also in the family. Since we are children at the age of 3 years we start to attend school from prekindergarten to Elementary School, Middle school then High School and then a few of us to College. We spend almost half of our lives attending school but at the end of road the effort is worth. College is the final step to become successful but also it can be one of the most hardest. In the beginning of the school year I felt uncomfortable particularly in this class because I didn’t know anybody, also I didn’t have friends not because I was bad person but because the language but now at this point I have some friends not many the bad thing is that I still don’t lose the fear to speak and practice my English. My main goal in the beginning of the year was and is complete a career also to be responsible and organized because in high school I always left my homework or projects for the last minute and I knew that if I keep going in this way in college, this would bring me problems. Principally you need a motivation as in Chapter 2 from the book Cornerstone: Creating Success through Positive Change talks about how motivate yourself. There are two ways of motivation external and internal. The external is the support from family or friends or even teachers that are pushing you to do something and thus complete a degree or a career, the internal on the other hand is the most important because it depends on yourself as a need “To be something, to have something to attain a goal that you truly desire, or to solve a problem”. Also you have to know the values in your life to protect them an also use them as an external motivation to be responsible even you hav... ... middle of paper ... ... of diversity. There are among of diversities such as race, religion, gender, age, ethic group, nationality, cultural, sexual, social class just for say ones. Learning and understanding the differences will help us to have more friends and appreciate the different backgrounds. In college there is an extensive diversity of culture so as students and classmates we should not judge or criticize the appearance of someone and respect each other. Nobody said that college will be easy but you can make it easier if you apply the knowledge learned in this class and the advice from the instructors. I have learned a lot in this class and hopefully the next semester will be easier than the first one. Works Cited Shelfield, Robert M., and Patricia G. Moody. Cornerston Creating Success through Positive Change. 6th ed. Boston: Pearson Lerning Solutions, 2011. Print.
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