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My Strategy for College Success Introduction Success in college requires a viable strategy that ensures the reason and season for your college life is attained. The reason for college is to develop foundation for a career while the season is how long it will take. Importantly, this call for evaluation of career goals, time management and study methods that will be employed to succeed. Becoming a financial manager is the ultimate career goal and therefore all strategies are geared towards attaining it. The goal is achievable if relevant activities are done towards its achievement. These activities include; researching and studying on issues relevant to the career, enhancing life skills that will be supporting in executing the job and properly managing time to ensure the season is well utilized. Career Goals I have been working on developing the knowledge and skills that are needed for being a business leader and making sound financial decisions. Among other things, I have learned about business law and ethics, the international perspective on business, and the importance of being able to effectively use information technology systems. In addition, I have made effort to improve my academic skills; the course in Student Learning Success has provided me with many ideas that can be used to improve my studying abilities. I have become better at reading texts and communicating my thoughts through writing and speaking. The course has also helped me to be more effective in doing research. The ability to do research is important because it allows people to find the resources that they need for making decisions or solving problems. Time Management Techniques Successful people in any field are known to be time conscious. In academic circ... ... middle of paper ... as a student I am an active learner with curiosity and inquisitiveness to know more (Seifert, 1993, pg, 1). Seifert (1993, pg, 2) highlights some aspects of enhancing memory and comprehension like representational imagery, elaborative interrogation, use of acronyms like the great lakes in US can be remembered by the acronym HOMES to mean (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior). All the memory retention strategies will be practiced. Conclusion Success is best evaluated at the end of the season; however, continuous evaluation enable one discover problems in advance and ameliorate them. Importantly, career goals should be attained within set period otherwise; tasks and activities assigned towards their implementation may have been faulty affecting your college success. Good study methods and time management are important in achieving academic success.

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