College Students’ Exposure to Mental Illness/ Depression

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Literature Review
“Introduction to the Special Issues on College Student Mental Health”
Mental health awareness for college students has become a captivating and significantly popular subject for researchers in the last decade. After a series of detrimental school shootings from mentally and emotionally unstable students of the academies, fellow students of other universities began to worry about the mental state of their peers. Researchers studied to discover a trend in the relationships between college students and their psychosocial lives. Linda G. Castillo (affiliate of Texas A&M University) and Seth J. Schwarts (University of Miami) wrote the article. In April 2013, “Introduction to the Special Issue on College Student Mental Health” was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology.
In the article “Introduction to the Special Issue on College Student Mental Health”, an informational overview of the organization Multi-Site University Study of Identity and Culture (MUSIC) collected data from thirty universities to study the psychosocial, relational, cultural, and health related constructs among college students. The article provides the student perspectives and concerns about the mental health of their peers and the services that campuses provide. In 2010, when the American College Health Association administered the National College Health Assessment surveyed to over thirty thousand students across thirty-nine campuses the surveys showed an exponential increase in psychological problems (2013). This survey collaborated with the studies of college students suggests that college students, prominently female and minority, are in fact experiencing depression and mental health issue that may not be diagnosed or attended to. T...

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... Although this study does not serve in any way to expose those used in the research study process, students could react differently to those who are open with sharing their personal experience with the topic.

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