College Student Problems

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Smoking is a problem. Student debt is a problem. Students’ picking an unhealthy lifestyle is a problem. The problems of college students are mostly spending their money on cigarettes and they don’t realize that students can be in debt. According to Tyler Kinhade a student in Temple University about 42% students who purchases cigarettes are most likely in debt cause of cigarettes. One pack of cigarettes can most about 5-7 dollars in one pack has about 20 cigarettes. Lets say a college student smoked about a half a pack a day that is about $3.50 and half a pack is 10 cigarettes 1 is around 0.25 that means in a year it can cost around $2,520 and that’s a lot of money students are spending. Now here is the problem college student are spending…show more content…
Some do choose a healthy lifestyle and along the way college students live out their lives. Unfortunately, there are still a lager amount of college students does choose the unhealthy lifestyle. Reason one, students can be stress and that only way by helping their stress is by smoking some cigarettes. Or reason two, students can have unhealthy family background. For example, if a college students have along day in school and didn’t go as how he/she wanted to and all that student wanted is to come home and relax from a long day, but when that student comes home and there’s so many family problems going on around the house he/she will feel uncomfortable do to family. That does put the college students in a lot of stress. Therefor, college students will choose that path on smoking some cigarettes. In the article of, Cigarettes Smoking Practices Among American College Students “ studies show that smoking by college students is associated with being White, living in housing where smoking is permitted, using alcohol and other substances, and having a lower psychological sense of well-being. Depression, life satisfaction, and coping style are also related to college smoking, but the causal relationship remains unclear”. Overall, the problem here is that college students are choosing unhealthy lifestyle and that number is increasing every time and every

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