College Sport: Bigger Than One May Think

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College athletics are the backbones of most colleges in the United States. Sports on the college level hold the biggest influence over potential students and the campus’ overall performance. The purpose of this argument is to explain how influential college sports are to the actual college. This particular topic should be discussed and brought to light because not only does it provide a better understanding of college sports, but it also enlightens readers that programs in college are not all about academics. College athletics serve as a major attraction for potential students in respect to enrollment issues, students’ major choices and ultimately their careers, an opener for commercial use and the receiving of charity donations, scholarship opportunities for students, social enjoyment for students, as well as economic growth for the local economy surrounding the college. Adrian College is a prime example of the powerful effect that athletics can have dealing with retention rates. In the earlier years of the college, one may say that the campus was not really noticeable because of its small campus size, bear land, and a low student population of 935 (Sander 3). “For decades, the 40-acre meadow separating Adrian College from a state highway was an afterthought on the modest campus of the low-slung limestone buildings” (Sander 2). The college was in desperate need for physical change for the campus, as well as enrollment rates. Soon enough, the college moved forward on this vision by making the school more athletic friendly. “ The newly developed acreages – boasting an ice arena, football and baseball stadiums, a track, and a dozen tennis courts – is the cornerstone of a plan to raise enrollment through intense athletics rec...

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