College Reflection

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Throughout my first semester of college I have learned plenty of material that will help me succeed throughout the rest of my college years. I had numerous realizations about myself and found the perfect techniques to lead me to be a successful college student. During the semester I have faced some challenges adjusting to classes and managing my time. I have learned some tips and tricks to help me throughout the semester. Some activities and assignments that helped me were reading from the “Thriving in College and Beyond” textbook and completing the MBTI assessment. Also, getting advice and information from the guest speakers that visited class provided me with information that is useful for me. All the assignments and knowledge gained for this class…show more content…
Some specific readings were on time management. The class activity that followed this was to record all the things I do on my busiest day. This lesson helped me realize how much time I have, even on my busiest day! I also realized that I could spend less time doing certain things such as constantly checking social media. After the reading and the activity I noticed a huge difference in the way that I use my time. I began to use my time more productively and spent less time doing things that slow me down from being a successful student. Another reading that helped me was on note taking skills. In class I find myself writing things that are more important and I have come up with a more efficient way of note taking. The study tips in the book also helped me when I have exams. Combining my newly learned note taking skills with my study skills has resulted in me getting higher test score and being more confident while taking exams. The skills I learned were very useful for me and I enjoyed using them. They are skills that I will continue to use throughout the next three and a half
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