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Schools around the nation are attempting to find new ways to get their students college ready. The whole country is now focused on educational reforms. Many schools in the state are not providing the essential skills needed to prepare their students for college. Ubah Medical Academy is one of those schools. A self proclaimed “culturally sensitive” school, Ubah Medical Academy is located in Hopkins, Minnesota. It is a very small school with a population of three hundred and sixty students. Those students are predominately of East African descent. Ubah’s mission statement says that “Creating a culture and climate of learning is a high priority at Ubah Medical Academy. Our school is focused on engaging students in academic learning to fully prepare them for college.” They have not succeeded in creating an environment like the one they describe. Through the lack of challenging curriculum and the negligence of the administration to teach social skills, Ubah is failing to teach their students the skills they need to succeed in college.
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The article, “What makes a student college ready?” byDavid Conleyexplores how schools can better prepare their students for postsecondary education. Through his research on the topic, Conley found four things should focus on to prepare their students for college: “content knowledge, knowledge about postsecondary education, cognitive strategies, and self management skills.” Conley maintains that the way for students to succeed in college is if schools take extra steps to ensure the success of their students. According to Conley, schools need to create a college environment by teaching self management skills while matching their courses with the standard for college readin...

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...el of difficulty that it should be on. When the students have to attend difficult college courses, they will not be able to know how to challenge themselves. They may have a difficult college experience. The administration is not doing all that they can be to prepare their students. Students would not only suffer in their post secondary education, but this may go on to affect them in their professional lives. Ubah has the potential to produce thinkers that can change the world for the better; they just have to learn as a school the ways they can expand their students’ knowledge and how they can challenge them.

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