College Readiness Is Important For High School Students

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Believe it or not, college readiness is important for High School students in many ways. Out of the crowd of students, I would conduct a small surgery. By show of hands, I would ask who planned to attend any type of Post-Secondary education after High School. I would then ask who didn 't plan to attend a Post-Secondary institution. I lastly ask, for those who don 't plan to further their education, How many will be looking for employment or a career following graduation. Assuming that every students falls into one of the three categories, I will start my speech. Writing, Reading and Speaking are some of the most important skills that students learn throughout their educations. These also are the areas that students cover in college. Although the standards may vary, very institution follows rubrics on how college students writing samples should be graded. High School students, specifically those in the eleventh and twelfth grades should be prepared for their upcoming college English courses, should they choose to go. The US Department of Education recorded that there were over 12 million students under the age of 25 enrolled in a post-secondary institution. This means that two years later, this number could have tripled. This number counts for the intended audience; eleven and twelfth grade High Schools students. Living in a country that continuously pushes for the rise of education, these numbers are astounding. However, with this number comes the need to perform. All of these students will have to take at least four semesters of English courses, at the minimum, throughout their college careers. Since English courses are mandatory for all college students, college readiness should be mandatory for all High School students, especi... ... middle of paper ... ...ey don’t want to attend a post-secondary institution. This can be a reason that triggers a student to be unsuccessful in grasping the areas of the Common Core for ELA. For students who plan to work straight out of High School or pursue personal ventures, these ELA skills will come in handy. Jobs of all kinds require interviews with various levels of rigor. People who are able to articulate through writing and speech are best suited for many positions. Everything from Customer Service to Food establishment positions require interaction with the world. Reading, Writing and Speech are all important in obtaining a job and fulfilling the duties of that position. The special few that are interested in neither a career or post-secondary schooling will also have interaction with the world. They may need to talk themselves out of a legal situation or plan their next art piece.
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