College Readiness Is A Problem When Students Finish High School

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College Readiness is a problem when students finish high school. This has been a problem for many years and there are many solutions to be tried to fix it. My group discussed the causes, problems, and what solutions can be used to solve the problem over several days in class as well as done our own research to broaden our view of the topic and find a better solution. On the first day of talking about our topic, October 28th, we started the Dewey Problem Solving Sequence. We began to talk about whether each of us felt like we were ready for college or not. I told them that with the way my school’s grading system is, I felt ready for college because tests were a big part of our grade. I know in college to really focus on preparing for the test. Lillian, Sydney, and Accalia did not feel like their schools prepared them for college. Accalia and Lillian felt like schools really “babied” their students and teachers didn’t encourage their students to take more dual credit and AP classes. Sydney agreed with them. We agreed that the problem as a question is: What can be done on a school and/or personal level to fully prepare students for college? We talked about our goals for being ready for college and talked about adjusting a grading system to something similar like the grading system at my school, not babying students, and creating a College/Life readiness course. We all agree that schools have those teachers and faculty that walk students through college and are constantly reminding them of when homework is due. We discussed a College/life readiness course because Sydney said she feels like she isn’t ready for life because she was never taught how to balance a checkbook and was never taught how to apply for scholarships or loans. We... ... middle of paper ... ...nts better in applying for college and scholarships, and Lillian talked about taking advantage of the dual credit classes. When coming down to choosing between two ‘s solutions, we discussed Austin’s solution and my solution. When talking about Austin’s solution, there was an issue of not all schools offer advisors. To fix this problem, we talked about training teachers to be advisors. In the end, we agreed that a college readiness class would be the best solution. We want it to be mandatory their senior year to graduate. This would be beneficial to all students because they will learn what they need to either go to college after they graduate or just move out on their own. To have this in effect, it needs to be put in the curriculum after someone has what is needed to be learned in the class. The teachers will need to be trained on how to teach this class as well.
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