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When students get to senior year they have to start thinking about their next year out of high school. Everything after that year will change, and their life will never be the same. They have to think about what they want to do in the future, and what the best path is to take in order to reach that goal. Some goals that are desired might require a college education. Every year many students will enter into a college or university expecting to get an education, meet new people, have a good time, and to create and discover a new sense of direction. All of this is true, but there are also many minor details one should know before entering the new unknown world of college. CU Denver is a university that offers many different courses for whatever one might want to major in. It specifically has a good program in nursing. CU Denver has many unique qualities about it. They also have certain expectations one should know before attending. The university offers many different lifestyles for one to experience. It is good to prepare for the next year coming, and to know what one is getting into so that it’s possible to have an enjoyable time ahead.
To discover what college is best it is good to know information about it that would be most interesting and work for oneself. One thing to know while searching is the school requirements for admission; to see if you meet or come close to what they are looking for. The average student that CU accepts has a 3.3 GPA and a score of 23 on the ACT. Another important detail to look for in a college is the different things they have to offer that might make it more enjoyable. This would include any programs, benefits they offer, the location, their reputation, etc. A good program that CU Denver has to offer...

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...status etc. If one is a Colorado resident the tuition is much cheaper compared to someone coming from out of state. Even though tuition might cheaper for Colorado residents than it might be for others, it is still very costly.
Transitioning out of high school into college is a very scary process. It can be especially scary if one doesn’t know what they are doing or going to do about it. It is good to think about college no matter how young. This way one can be prepared and aware of what will happen. The more prepared someone is the better time they will have. It is good to think about what interests oneself, and what career path might be best. The sooner that is figured out the sooner a college decision can be made. It’s definitely not easy. Knowing ahead where to go, why to go there, and what you want to do there will make life more pleasurable for the future self.

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