College Football : A New Impact On The Entire Collegiate Sports World

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There is a new impact on the entire collegiate sports world. All across the country college athletes that attend big schools will be compensated. This is important to me because I hope to play college football and this could really aid in my future. It has always been a big goal for me to play football past high school. With the new rules, it can open up many doors for future athletes and help out the current ones that are barely getting by. What does compensated really mean? Will they have their own salary? What I do know is that new rules allow certain colleges to pay their athletes. They will be able to communicate more with an agent. They will still have full scholarship abilities but now they will have increased benefits. Some colleges may have to go through some cutbacks but overall it will be for the better good. I needed to know how much the athletes would receive. Would they be treated like an employee? How much would they get? What other benefits would come out of this? There were still many things that I did not know about the athletes being paid. While thinking about all of the things that I wanted to know regarding athletes compensation I was able to come up with my research question. How much will athletes be paid and what other benefits will they have? I started my research by going through a couple websites. I already knew that there had been some rule changes and that college athletes would be paid in some way. The first website I came across was, which had an article that gave information about the new sports world. The article is titled “Some College Athletes Will Now Get Paid—a Little” which explains the big conferences that will pay their athletes. Those conferences consist of the ACC, Big 10,... ... middle of paper ... ...went very well. I chose athletes being compensated because I hope to be one of them in the near future. I am a huge football fan and want to extend my playing time pass high school. With the new rule changes and now, how they will be compensated and have some increased benefits that could potentially aid in not only my future but many others as well. I was able to answer my questions like “will they have their own salary?”, “will they be treated as employees?” and “what other benefits will they have?” No, they will not have their own salary and the same goes for being treated like an employee. However, they will have increased benefits like extra money to go out to dinner, buy clothes, have insurance, and a one-time computer expense. Overall the new rule changes that will now compensate college athletes will help them all out but it will not be anything substantial.
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