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As I sit here today in my dorm room typing this paper, I think of the questions; What do I need college for? What do I want to get out of this college experience, and will I benefit from it in the end? I ask these questions, because I think almost every college gets to that point to where they have a million things on their plate that they’re just ready to give up. I 'm only into my second week of college and my stress levels are already through the roof. When I get to these got to these stressful points I always think about what I want later in life, and what I want to accomplish. One thing that always keeps me going is fear. I have a fear of not succeeding in life. I always think that the college education system is essential building me…show more content…
As time has evolved the main focus has shifted to getting to the top quickly. With classes becoming more and more challenging people feel as if the only way to get to the top is to essentially cheat. I it can also be tied back to people feeling that their degree is entitled to them because they’re paying all this money for college, I mean it’s there’s right. People don’t want to work hard to get the degree so they cheat to reach the top sooner and easier. People want to enjoy the little activities on campus, party, and be with their friends, but they can’t achieve that if they’re cooped up in a room all day doing course work. So, of course their going to want to cheat to get out and get the full college experience. One last thing that can be pertained as to why people cheat is, everything is competition these days. Everybody wants to be at the top at the top, be the best in their major, and make the most money. When these things aren’t happening then people want to automatically turn to cheating so they can attribute all of these things quicker and…show more content…
One of the being moral values. There is a big difference as to what is morally acceptable today and what was morally, say 40 or 50 years ago. Bok points out that all these characteristics are taught and instilled in people in college except the most important one, which is character building. These days the main focus in college is the major, and what classes you need for that major. Over the years colleges have started requiring classes based on moral values, especially professional schools such as law and medicine. I think these professional schools are taking more account of these moral classes is essentially because these professions involve human interaction on a daily basis. The reasoning for the ontake of the teaching of moral issues over these years is Bok explains how “students appear to be less influenced by parents, churches, or other external sources in developing their own moral beliefs”. Students today take into context in their own mind of what is right and what is wrong. generations back it was a norm to follow the examples of parents or churches, but these days in colleges everyone is thinking for

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