College Essay: The Electoral College

The Electoral College

Every four year the United stated goes through the process to elect the person who will lead the nation. In order for that to happen the Electoral College is the instrument used for the elections to take place. The Electoral College represents the Founding Fathers’ determination to create a tool by which each US states select the nation’s leader by choosing a group of representatives known as electors, taken by the state. The Electoral ballots given to each state corresponds with each Senator and Representative that state holds. The states place their electoral votes through these electors, and candidates who obtain the most votes from the Electoral College, currently at least two-hundred-seventy, confirms the winner.
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The Electoral College members are being chosen before popular Election Day. Each state has its particular method for selecting electors, most of them are designated at their convention for the State political party. Electors frequently possess a trajectory of being dedicated and servicing their political group. Besides, anyone with a personal or political link to the president aspirant can be an Elector nominator. The day of elections, when people put their ballot for president, they are voting for the Electors in their particular state. After the popular vote is nationally widespread, the Electoral College meets in December to ballot for President and Vice President, after that votes are checked by…show more content…
The consideration of the Electoral College history shows how the country forefathers look for the best interest of the country by developing a strong institution that elects the nation’s top authority. Furthermore, the way how the Electoral College works present a clear idea of the steps taken when every election comes such us the appointment of Elector before the electoral campaign take place, the amount of elector by state, and the final count of people’s votes versus Electoral College votes and how it may impact in the decision of will be the president. Regardless of that is very important to take in consideration that every vote counts at estate level and that is why is very important that everyone who has this right should implemented. Lastly, reasons why the Electoral College is still in place is because is a solid institution that gives equivalent votes to the states by having electors according to the population. And despite its opponents continue in

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