College Essay: Is College Worth Worth Worth It?

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Despite the economy slowly improving over recent years, it has been difficult to get a job in this economy. Even with a college diploma, people occasionally have a challenging time finding a job. This then brings up the question, is attending college even worth it? I believe that even in our economy, college is still worth attending to because college graduates will earn more money and college provides unique opportunities.
A significant reason to attend college is because a college graduate will earn more money in the long run. Even though going to college gives students into debt, they will be able to pay off their loans and then earn more money in the future. In the article written by Michael Greenstone it states,
At age 22, the average college graduate earns about 70 percent more than the average person with a high school degree only. But that is only the beginning. For instance, in 2010, a college graduate at age 50 (the peak of her career) earns approximately $46,500 more than someone with only a diploma' class='brand-secondary'>high school diploma.
This statistic
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One of the biggest reasons for this is because a person does not need a college degree to get a job and be successful at it. Many jobs such as carpentry, plumbing, electrician, auto technician, and etc. require more hands on experience than an education and these jobs pay well too. The problem with this argument is that a college education can help you advance further into your career. For virtually any career path a person takes, if they get a college education in that area, they will start higher up in the company and they will get paid more rather than the person who joins the company with no college education. Furthermore, people will a college education earn more throughout their life time, workers with a bachelor’s degree earn over $1 million and workers with an associate’s degree earn about $325,000 more than high school graduates in their lifetime

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