College Essay: Is College Worth The Money?

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College is worth the money

There is more to learn than what is in a book. When contemplating is going to college worth the cost? Think of all that going to college will provide in the future. Yes college is expensive and many don’t try to attend because of the fear and cost. There is much to be gained, there are many ways that one can pay for college that helps to eliminate some of the end cost. Think of the future, and the things in life, that a good education can provide. I am in my 40s and attending college on my own. My husband and I have managed to do this while also putting two daughters through college, while searching for scholarships and ways to ease the financial cost. Learning who you are, or who you want to be, comes from exploring,
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College is worth the money because it prepares you for a career, but most of all prepares you for the future and growth as an adult. When applying to college much is evaluated for acceptance. According to College Board .org, Admissions offices review each application for more than a GPA, and test scores. They review applications to see ones character, and what personal qualities you have, what makes you unique, and how you will contribute to the campus, do you have leadership abilities. When I graduated high school my parents could not afford for me to go to college. So I went straight into the working world. I had many self thought or natural skills, of course I grew up during a time when education was needed, however many could still get a job because of prior work experience and skills. When I graduated high school applying for a job was very easy. It was as simple as going to a place where you wanted to work and asking for and application. This…show more content…
p Carnavale who believes there is no doubt about the requirement of our fast-approaching economic future: we need more college graduates. I truly understand why many would argue that a college education is not worth the money. Yes many come out of college with great debt from student loans, and still can’t find employment, However as a mother of two graduates from college. Our daughter’s future was worth the cost. Yes we have debt and employment is not always available immediately. My oldest daughter graduated from Virginia State University with a Bachelors in English with a minor in mass communications, she left right after college and went to Africa for a year to teach second grade English, this opened doors for her immediately, when she returned she was able to get a job in Richmond teaching sixth grade English, However my youngest daughter just graduated in May from Norfolk State University, with a Bachelors in Graphic Design and fine arts, but had to move back home and is still looking for work. I am confident she will find what she is looking for but in the long run her education will pay off, to be successful in today’s world you need and
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