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Cancerous, horrific, unethical, and greed delineate imperialism. An Imperialist views other nations inferior and attempts to spread their superior notions onto other countries and their people. The Opium Wars remain a paragon example of the evil associated with this perspective. Battles centralized around the drug opium, an addictive narcotic derived from the poppy seed. Initially, people took the substance to fulfill medical needs, but over the years society began to smoke opium casually (Gibson, Anne). It spread around the world through trade as Britain utilized the drug to initiate the Opium Wars. Consequently, the First Opium War portrayed Britain using brutal force to manipulate a weaker country into their control despite China’s economic needs. After the first war, a twenty-year gap caused tensions to bubble up again and the second war began, which continued the problems of the first war (Goldfinger, Shandra). Horrific battles destroyed China, yielding adversities to haunt both countries perpetually. Although The Opium Wars symbolize a momentous time in Chinese History, the topic remains a sensitive issue towards the Chinese people due to the Westerner’s immoral actions; through imperialistic force, Britain led unjustified attacks on China to satisfy their economic needs despite moral obligations.
Analogous to heroine, Opium’s destructive power ruined lives and in some cases, ended them. Not only did this toxic substance decrease the quality of business, work and civil services, it ultimately lowered a nation’s standard of living. China witnessed all of these adversities along with 12 million citizens becoming addicted to the drug (Allingham, Phillip). Facing no other choice, China needed to ban Opium. Of course, people st...

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...untry, both politically and economically. It depicted the Chinese as weak compared to the Western Imperialists, which formed sensitivity among the Chinese people, not just for Opium, but pertaining to the entire west. The West ignored every moral obligation, including diplomacy. Britain did not care about the needs or wants about China. They only wanted to satisfy their monetary needs signifying the country’s decadence. A trade deficit does not justify the perpetual adversities coinciding with the wars. This war depicted the negatives of Imperialism while highlighting the value of free trade. Although the wars ended, the horrific actions shall remain ingrained in the Chinese mindset and for that reason the Opium Wars will remain a sensitive issue. People will always remember how the “foreign devils” hurt China for purely imperialistic reasons (Allingham, Phillip).